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Building Envelope Summit: Seattle & Nor. California Locations

The Summit focuses on the most important assembly in every structure - the envelope. 4/29 in Seattle, WA & 5/1 in Nor...

Design Professionals

Premier Leads the Way: First to achieve a full range of ICC seismic tested SIP walls with Axial Loads applied for code recognition

Premier SIPS are the first in the SIPS industry to test and earn seismic zone code approvals per new ICC criteria for..


Premier Receives Top Recognition with #1 Structural Brand Award

Premier Building Systems is the top Structural Brand in Green Builder Media's Sustainable Brand Awards 2023, and at the..


Save Money & the Environment: New Tax Incentives For You & The Planet

New federal tax incentives (45L and 179D) offer lucrative tax credits or deductions to design & build with energy efficiency..


Premier SIPS Home SWEEPS National Awards

Premier SIPS home, showcases sustainable construction and wins multiple national awards for the next generation of net-zero..

Premier Building Systems Announces Expansion/Product Branding Updates 

We have new news about Premier Building Systems! Read our press release to learn all the new updates that have happened and..

What We Build: The Impacts (and Facts) On Where We Live, Work & Play (PBS)

Where we live, work and play every day has a profound impact on our natural environment, economy, health, and productivity.


The Net Zero Building 12-Step Program (PBS)

Net Zero means a building that only uses as much energy as it can produce on an annual basis. Follow these 12 steps to a..

Tech Talks - High Performance Envelope: The Core of Construction (PBS)

Every structure needs to be built with a High-Performance Building Envelope (HPBE). Here are the top attributes every HPBE..


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