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Structures To Stand The Test of Time

High-performing building systems committed to improving a building’s durability, sustainability, and occupant health.


Our Family of Building Systems

Premier SIPS

The most trusted and proven prefabricated framing systems delivering durable structures.

R-Shield Logo

Stable, sustainable solution that tackles rigid insulation needs for the entire building envelope.

Premier ICF

Combining the thermal effectiveness of insulation with the structural integrity of concrete.


Our Unique
Product Line

Premier’s Building Systems are an upgrade to typical building products and practices. Our sustainable framing and insulation systems are time-tested, save time in the field, help create better buildings and carry long-term warranties. Factory engineered and fabricated with extreme precision, PBS delivers panelized roofs, walls and floor systems, as well as prefabricated roof insulation and geofoam assemblies.

Innovators choose Premier’s turn-key systems because they meet or exceed code requirements, save time, money & labor and help architects, contractors and building owners create more comfortable, healthy, durable, energy saving and high-performance buildings. Premier’s systems are perfect for those who aspire to make an impact and take pride in delivering truly exceptional structures. 

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About Us

Family-owned and operated since the 1960s, Premier Building Systems (PBS) proudly manufactures high-performing building systems including Premier SIPS (Structural Insulated Panel Systems), R-Shield Molded Polystyrene (MPS) Rigid Insulation & Geofoam, and Premier ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms).

Our team is dedicated and committed to helping architects, engineers, contractors & developers build healthier, energy-efficient, and resilient structures with ease. Whatever the building envelope need, Premier has a system to help tackle it.


Premier Building Systems News

Design Professionals

Building Envelope Summit: Seattle & Nor. California Locations

The Summit focuses on the most important assembly in every structure - the envelope. 4/29 in Seattle, WA & 5/1 in Nor...

Design Professionals

Premier Leads the Way: First to achieve a full range of ICC seismic tested SIP walls with Axial Loads applied for code recognition

Premier SIPS are the first in the SIPS industry to test and earn seismic zone code approvals per new ICC criteria for..


Premier Receives Top Recognition with #1 Structural Brand Award

Premier Building Systems is the top Structural Brand in Green Builder Media's Sustainable Brand Awards 2023, and at the..

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Premier Building Systems has been manufacturing high-performing building systems for over 50 years. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with us to learn more, or to explore the best options for your next residential, commercial, or civil project.

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